The company 100 ALLORA (that simply means 100 km/h in Italian) was created in order to be recognized as a provider of unique services related to cars, supercars and logistics all over Italy. The HQ of the company is in Rome but our qualified English-speaking Staff is able to reach every single corner of the country in order to provide to our clients unique emotions with the latest supercars, vintage cars, race track driving experiences…   

100 ALLORA is also able to satisfy any kind of request related to cars with drivers all over Italy and rents all sorts of premium vehicles for self-drive (almost any kind of SUVs, convertible cars, sedans, electric cars and, of course, supercars…) delivered and collected everywhere, at any time. The company also organizes tours and transfers with helicopters, private jets and boats. 

If we had to point out a single service that 100 ALLORA truly excels in is the organization of tailor-made escorted tours with the latest supercars all over Italy. From 1 car up to 40 supercars, from 1 day up to 10 days in a row (almost) everything is possible! Our lead car will show the way so that guests will never get lost and our qualified Staff will take care of the supercars at any moment, therefore it’s like having a car valet everywhere clients go! The Staff takes care of every single detail in order to ease any step of the tour, and 100 ALLORA can also provide, as a unique and unforgettable souvenir, a professional video with, if requested, the employment of a drone used for movies!  

All the models of Ferrari and Lamborghini are available even though we are able to provide other brands as well, like Maserati, Aston Martin, Porsche and McLaren etc. In case guests are willing to do a transfer with supercars, our lead car will transport all the luggage! 

In short, nothing is left to chance. 


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